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The Pearl Palm Beach Dental team

Why compromise when you don’t have to? This approach is what led Dr. Civetti to become a stand-out athlete, as well as a top-performing student while in school. Today, all of this effort is focused on serving our dental patients. She and our dentistry team pride themselves on offering leading-edge dental care while offering 5-star service and premium convenience. We’re eager to show you just how easy taking care of your smile can be!

Always in Great Hands

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Dr. Civetti and our team are able to provide a wide range of services in house, and we also work with the best specialists in the area. This way, no matter what a patient needs, we can ensure they’ll receive the highest quality of care.

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Stress-Free Dental Visits

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More than half of the U.S. population has some type of dental-related anxiety. If this is you, we understand. Our main goal is to give you a comfortable, memorable dental experience, in the best possible way! We offer Netflix, noise-canceling headphones, blankets, relaxing scents, and more to provide you with a positive experience. Our goal is to never keep you waiting and make sure you are in your appointment on time! Further remedies such as nitrous oxide or medication are also offered when a little extra help is needed to calm those nerves!

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Positive, Supportive, & Experienced

When you walk into our dental office, the first sound you’ll likely hear is laughter. That’s because our team loves what we do as well as the people we work with. This leads to a warm, friendly environment and prompt service that has to be felt to be believed. With us, all of your questions will receive an answer, and every concern will be addressed without delay.

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