Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Royal Palm Beach, FL

Always Looking Ahead

Dr. Civetti is forward-thinking, which is why she is continually improving our dental office, and updating it with new technology. This way, our dental patients benefit from the latest, proven methods and instruments no matter the year. To learn more about some of the devices that will make your appointments comfortable, efficient, and transparent, read on below.

Intraoral Cameras

Dentist and dental team member looking at intraoral camera images

Rather than just shining a bright light into your mouth to examine it, we prefer to take a more sophisticated approach and use an intraoral camera. In addition to helping us get a better look at your teeth and gums, it also allows us to capture close-up, high-definition images we can show you. This way, you can know exactly what our dental team is talking about, plus this makes it easier for us to explain why certain treatments might be necessary.

All-Digital X-Rays

Dentist and dental patient looking at all digital x rays

About one-third of each of your teeth is hidden by your gums, and these areas can often fall victim to infections and cavities if ignored. With our digital X-rays, we can get a “backstage tour” of your smile in a matter of seconds, which is much faster compared to old film X-rays. Even better, digital X-rays emit about 90% less radiation than traditional ones, which is great news for patients, parents, and our team.

Digital Impressions

Dentist capturing digital impressions

Before we give a patient a denture, veneer, or crown, we will take an impression of their teeth and bite to make a mock-up to ensure their treatment has the perfect look and fit. Now, instead of creating a physical model, we can simply scan the mouth and generate a pristine digital impression in about five minutes. This approach skips the messy putty and retakes while giving us a much more accurate and detailed result.

Cavity Detection

Dentist performing early cavity detection exam

Instead of looking for cavities by simply poking your teeth (which no patient enjoys and allows smaller cavities to be missed), we use our iTero 5D Plus to reveal the earliest signs of decay. This way, we can treat a tooth before it has a full-blown cavity, preserving more enamel while saving the patient from physical pain as well as the financial pain of having to pay for a filling or crown!